Big ideas, winning words

Online, in print, onscreen or on billboards, I put words to work.

An experienced freelance copywriter, I create award-winning concepts, write for some of the world’s biggest brands and craft traffic-stopping marketing campaigns.

I’ve named international companies and products, brought brands to life with bespoke tone-of-voice documents, scripted animations and written for award-winning apps.

Here ends the ego.

But enough about me. My work is all about you, your audience and the message you want to get across.

Brief me on anything from a four word strapline to a 96 sheet billboard, and I’ll create the copy or the concept that will ignite a positive reaction.

So, onwards: what next?

Clients past and present

I’ve worked with a fantastic selection of forward-looking clients over the years. British, international, big, small, public sector, B2B, and everything in-between. I make it my business to do a great job for them.

External comms.
Any sector
Proven results

Ideas: delivered

Looking for a mailout that will get pinned to a fridge rather than thrown in the bin? I’ve got a proven track-record in conceiving and delivering campaigns that hit the sweet spot.

Proven response rate
Concepts and copy
Scamps and mock-ups

The name game

Got a product but need a name for it? Got a name but need a strapline?
Leave me alone in a darkened room for four hours and I’ll nail it. Guaranteed.

Make an impression

I specialise in using attention-grabbing headlines, sticky subheads and word-play to create the maximum impact and get your message across.

Creativity counts

I work with talented creative directors to produce concepts that always hit the brief (and sometimes win awards).

Creative development
Team for hire

Brilliant branded content

I have extensive experience of customer publishing, having been involved in the sector as an editor, contributor and columnist for over a decade.

Regular features
Experienced editor
Award-winning titles
Digital publications

Original approaches

This acclaimed piece of DM was commissioned to raise awareness of a potentially-fatal eating disorder (and how it can be avoided). Hard-hitting, but extremely effective.

Every client counts

Many of my customers have hired me for ten years or more. And I’m chuffed to bits with that. I also get commissioned for one-off jobs, and that’s just fine by me too.

External comms
Any sector
Proven results

Perfect packaging

Writing F&B labels is one of my favourite tasks. The challenge? A limited space where every word counts and the right lines result in an instant sale.

Digital brilliance

I have written over 50 websites for companies and charities all over the planet. SEO is often part of the package, and I pour everything into compelling the audience to absorb as many messages, features and benefits as possible.

Creative copy

It’s my job to create canny copy that sticks around, rings bells or sends shivers. It’s also my job to do this while sticking to the style and tone that you dictate.

Targeted campaigns
Brilliant results
Delighted clients

Doing the business

Every month, I interview a global CEO for the ground-breaking easyJet Traveller magazine, which reaches up to 7.2 million passengers a month.

Travel reporting
In-depth features
Regular interviews

Inspired internal comms

I’ve worked with brands big and small to help them engage with their staff through training videos, brochures, signage and scripts. The common theme? To turn employees into brand ambassadors.

Online video

I help produce some amazing corporate animations and videos. My job? To distil often complex messages into engaging and entertaining storyboards and scripts.

Make an impression

I specialise in using attention-grabbing headlines, sticky subheads and word-play to create the maximum impact and get your message across.

Features unlimited

A freelance writer since 1999, I have contributed to some of Britain’s biggest titles – online and in print.

Digital journalism
Human interest features
Celebrity interviews
Business stories

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Every client counts

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